Friday, January 9, 2009

Working Best

Last night I was thinking about what to write about today and I thought about a short training snippet I listened to several months ago. The basic gist of it was this: in order to get the optimum production from your time, you need to know yourself and when you work best. In other words, are you most alert in the morning, afternoon or evening? What are the exact time frames in your day that allow you to be most productive? Then you need to block off those productive times to work on your writing or other productive endeavors. So in other words, if your most productive time is from 10 until 2, don't take time out of that block to make a big meal or do busy work. If it's from 3 until 7, get your supper made before then so you can stay focused and productive during your best working time.

I happen to be a person who is most productive (and creative) from about 10 to 1 and then again from about 4 until midnight. So don't even ask me to put on my thinking cap before 10:00 AM and if you call me at midnight, I'll probably still be working on some project. However, there are rare occasions when I just flake out at about 8:00 PM and might as well just watch a movie or go to bed. If I curl up with a book, I won't last more than 10 minutes when I'm in "flake out" mode!

So what about you? When are you most alert and productive? Plan your day around it and you'll get a lot more done.

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  1. I'm definitely a night owl. In fact, my natural schedule nearly mimics yours. I usually run into problems when I'm trying to fit in some semblance of a life outside my work and everybody else has a different schedule than me!


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