Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy Days

I used to think I was busy. I find it laughable now. I'm so busy now that I find myself unable to stay in bed late even if I could.

Caring for my family and most importantly my grandson take top priority. We spend lots of time together while his mother works. He loves to read, go out and see if there is a fresh egg from the chickens, help feed the rabbits, play with the cats and dogs, and watch his new Thomas the Train DVD (all the others got demoted after Christmas). But most of all he likes to sing and he's learned a few new songs from Youtube (also a favorite pastime). His favorites are The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider and most recently There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly. Anyway, he keeps me busy most days, which is why I'm writing this post now so I won't have to worry about it tomorrow. It will be a 10-12 hour marathon of babysitting. I may not have too much time for commenting either tomorrow but I'll do my best!

I also have a winter garden this year as an experiment. Most of the work is covering it with a tarp when it's going to go below 30 degrees and then taking the tarps off again before it gets baked by the sun. Looking forward to fresh spinach salads soon!

Then there is marketing of our book and of other products via the internet.

In the midst of all this, I try to keep hubby on track without derailing myself. And keep him supplied with coffee and all his favorite foods. I cook almost all our meals myself from scratch. He recently convinced me to make a large batch of chili which is one of our favorites. It's been nice to have ready made meals in the freezer.

Then of course there is laundry, house cleaning, spending a little bit of time with the Lord, reading and meditating each morning, e-mails, entertaining, church responsibilities, family seminars - one coming up in mid-January, etc, etc.

I actually used to take naps but I've decided that sleep is way overrated! And all these things that keep me busy are so much fun. I love it! And I thank my Father in heaven every day for good health and lots of energy to enjoy everything He has given me to do.


  1. Wow! You are a busy lady. Good luck and don't forget to breathe every now and then.

  2. I was interested in your winter garden experiment. Now, here in Colorado, spinach is a SUMMER crop! ;)

  3. Hi Beth, I'm in North Texas and spinach can't even be grown here in the summertime. It's way too hot. It probably would do best in late fall, but we moved in November unto 15 acres and I just couldn't resist doing this experiment.


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