Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog Authority vs. Page Rank

Well, now that I have thoroughly confused some of's time for an apology and to set things right. I went to do some research in today and discovered I was using the wrong terminology. I'm afraid I may have led some of you astray by using the term "page rank" rather than "blog authority" which is the correct term when talking about ranking in technorati.

Blog authority shows how many unique links your blog has to other blogs and the higher that number, the higher authority your blog has. Technorati does not count links to other sites, just blogs.

On the other hand "page rank" should be as small as possible. I don't know exactly how that is calculated, but sites like google, yahoo, ebay, amazon, etc. have the best page rank. These are probably all in the top 10. If you're able to get your site into the top 100,000 you have really accomplished something!

All of that being said, it may still be a good idea to get your blog listed in technorati and to "claim it." Here is a link to the FAQ that explains the benefits of claiming your blog: One of the benefits I see is that others can search based on keywords that interest them and find your blog.

The reason I was thinking about technorati when I wrote my previous blogpost, was because I was looking for other blogs based on my keyword so I could interact with them. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Making connections, following and being followed, commenting and receiving comments, building contacts and relationships.

If you have more questions about how all of this works, you can find a wonderful FAQ section under the "support" button on the technorati website.


  1. Good post. I got both my blogs listed with technorati. You should share this with a post on the BBT group.

  2. Okay, I signed up, now I need to play with it a bit to figure it all out.

  3. Technorati makes me feel bad about myself. I'd rather not know how low my ranking is!

  4. I've signed up, too, based on your advice, so now I'll have to go check out those FAQ links. Thanks!

  5. Ooo! Thanks for the link!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  6. This is really interesting info. Thanks for sharing.

    Joan De La Haye

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Sharon. I have signed up for technorati but not fully utilized it yet. Will check it out more!

  8. It is certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  9. really well written! are you a professional author?


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