Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Book - Aloha is Forever

We knew before we left Hawaii at the end of December 1999, that we would write a book. It was essential. It was a mandate from our Heavenly Father. We both knew it. The question was - when.

We had just spent most of the month of December helping with the search for our middle son, John, who had gone on a hike in the mountains of the Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. He had set out on Thanksgiving Day, with the objective of hiking across from Pololu to Waipio. The research he did indicated that he could conceivably cross the valleys and ravines that etched the Kohala in the four day break he had from his field biology internship with the US Geological Survey.

He sent us an e-mail mapping out his plans before he left. We received it only after we received a call from John's supervisor telling us he had not shown up at work the Monday after the long weekend.

Aloha is Forever tells the story of our search, but it goes beyond that as we seek to share spiritual truths that comfort, encourage, challenge, inspire and bring hope to anyone facing devastating circumstances. We share our hearts, our love for our son and our love for our God.

We have published it in e-book format and the print version will be available early in 2009.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I'm glad to meet another believer and another writer. Thanks for sharing part of your story in your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.



  2. Thanks, Lael. Nice to meet you too.


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