Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cure for Blogging Disease

Well folks, after writing about blogging disease the other day, someone must have slipped me some medicine that cured me! No, actually I think missing a day or two over the weekend was what did it. Hard to get back in gear again.

Seriously, life has tackled me from every side and I'm feeling a bit like I'm on the bottom of the heap without the ball. Today was one of those days. My dear little companion grandson wasn't as sweet as usual and the more I tried to move in a forward direction, the less I seemed to be making any progress. Now at 11 PM with a kitten sleeping on my lap, computer on my knees and a cozy fire in the fireplace, I'm finally getting some inspiration. Writing is one pursuit for which I require total silence. Actually silence is my preferred mode for just about everything - probably a carryover from being one of eight siblings growing up in a very tiny house.

How about you? How and where do you work best?


  1. I work best in small spurts, although I will sit down and write for an hour or more sometimes. But I find if I can do several 10-15 minute quiet, mini-sessions every day, I actually get quite a bit done!

    And could not do it with a cat on my lap! I can work at my computer with Rocko or Spunky on my lap, but if I've sat down to write (as I hand-write everything first) I can't have the furry distraction!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Thanks for the comment, L. Diane. This cat didn't give me a choice. Sometimes she gets too interested in everything and tries to "help" me - that's when she gets put out. But last night was just too cold. And she doesn't make a habit of sitting on my lap while I write; it just so happened that she wanted to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace too.


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