Monday, March 14, 2011

Are You Saving Time?

Daylight savings time always throws me for a loop. I'm waiting this time to see how long it will take my body to adjust to the one hour time change. When the alarm went off this morning my internal clock was so mis-aligned with it that it took me forever to realize it was the alarm and then even longer to get it turned off. To add insult to injury, my daughter was just getting up herself at the time I got to her house to babysit so she could go to work.

As she got ready we began to reminisce about the one and only time we had "daylight savings time" in the Amazon region of Brazil where we lived for almost 30 years. Most of you may not have stopped to think about this, but the sun rises and sets near the equator at almost the same time of day every day of the year. So when all the clocks were moved forward an hour the only thing it accomplished was to make everyone one hour late for everything. People still ran their lives by the sun, not by the clock. I hate to think how many man hours were wasted instead of saved as a result. We were all oh so thankful when the clocks went back to normal and life did, too.

Since I garden, daylight savings time is actually helpful to me as it is to many people who like to get outside work done after they get home from their day job. But it's never an easy transition...

How about you? What unusual or difficult situation has daylight savings time caused in your life? And does it really save you time?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interview with the Authors

Last week a pastor contacted us through The Book Marketing Network. He asked if he could interview us for his blog. This was the first time we had ever been approached about an interview and the result is on now on Pastor Bobby's blog.

We were very gratified by his comments. I'd like to quote just the final paragraph of his comments after the interview as this expresses our hearts in a way that we ourselves hadn't been able to verbalize quite like he did. And it's so true.

"A friend of mine told me one day, not too long after my mother passed away, that he felt sorry for my losing my mother. I politely thanked him and quickly responded that when you lose someone or something, you do not know where they are. But I know exactly where my mother is. Knowing that she was a very devout Christian believer, she is with Christ (to be absent from the body is to be in the presence  of God.) Knowing where she is and my father is and my brother is reassures me that I have not lost them."
For more of the interview, go to Pastor Bobby's blog.