Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Time

Unlike most American families, we almost always have dinner and sometimes even lunch together as a family. Lately we've taken to doing a Sunday morning brunch since our church meets on Wednesday evenings and not on Sundays. That has turned out to be one of the best family times. We're all relaxed and not in a hurry to go anywhere. Plus we're not exhausted from a day of work. It's just fun to sit around over brunch and talk about whatever happens to be on our minds. Usually that involves planning in some form or another. (Want to know what we've been planning?)

The menu often revolves around buttermilk waffles from a recipe in an old Amish cookbook we picked up somewhere. We add eggs or bacon or sausage to the menu, some juice and our special Brazilian coffee. Occasionally we opt for pancakes or french toast as the central part of the meal. A couple of weeks ago I was in a very energetic mood and since we still had fresh blueberries from a pick-your-own farm, I decided to make blueberry crepes. Mind you, I made that decision before looking at a recipe or I probably would have changed my mind. But I had already made the announcement and the whole family was expecting blueberry crepes. So here is the result along with glowing rave reviews and "You can do that again's."

Unfortunately, the blueberry season is over for this year. We have a few in the freezer for special occasions, but we're all already looking forward to next year's blueberry season! I'll probably indulge my family again by treating them to blueberry crepes!


  1. Blueberry crepes sounds wonderful! I would probably want to add fresh whipped cream.
    Life has changed so much that families almost need to send out invitations to get everyone at the table together.
    Growing up, my family at breakfast, dinner, and supper together every day, it always at home.
    Not so practical these days.

  2. Blueberry crepes sound fabulous. We don't have a set day for family breakfast, but it's always either Saturday or Sunday. (Couldn't watch the video. Got a message that says: This video is currently not available. Please try again later.)

  3. Gail, I guess we're a bit old-fashioned. In Brazil, we always ate our noon meal together (the main meal of the day) and we never knew how many extra people we would have. We were always prepared!

    Helen, I'm not even sure how I got the video on my post but I changed it to just a photo which was my original intent! Glad to hear someone else has a family breakfast tradition.


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