Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ever Feel Overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I videoed this crazy chicken recently and just got to thinking this morning that often I'm a little bit like her and could probably pause and learn a lesson. Here she is trying to incubate 69 eggs! An average hen can handle about a dozen eggs, some can handle a few more or a few less.

So I got to thinking. Hmm... Maybe I'm a little too much like this hen with a few too many projects and passions on my "plate." In my zeal to accomplish much, too often little is really accomplished. I hate to admit it, but maybe I need to learn a lesson from this hen and concentrate on doing just a few things really well.

Now for the stickler! How do I choose? God's help and guidance is the obvious answer. Perhaps there is another lesson the hen can teach me. If I only had 3 weeks left in my life (about the time it takes to hatch out a batch of chicks) how would I spend my time. Aha! There is a key - although I doubt I could accomplish all I want to in just three short weeks.

I would definitely love my loved ones more passionately - and I would write furiously in an attempt to get everything down in print before my demise. And I would try for all I'm worth to bring more people into God's Kingdom. That's what my writing is all about anyway.

I'm sure there are more things I could learn from this crazy hen, but I think I'll mull that over for awhile! Don't you just wonder what must have gone through her mind?

What do you think? Is there a lesson here for you? Please share if you will.


  1. I think the hen is trying to stretch herself too much. I think that is what I am doing.

  2. Hi Sharon, I just tweeted your blog post with the comment: not a matter of chicken or egg but what's most important to you.

    Your question of what to do with 3 weeks to live certainly got me thinking on this Sunday morning!

  3. This was perfect... thank you. I spent all weekend with a massive to-do list that I never made a dent in because I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know where to start and... didn't. :) I think I have too many incubating too....

  4. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  5. If I only had 3 weeks left, I would be overwhelmed with trying to capture in words and images what I wanted to pass on to my children and others. I would work almost non-stop to write down every thought, snap every picture & create every unfinished jewelry piece I have in my head.


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