Monday, April 4, 2011

Captain Cook

Captain Cook is a well known figure in the history of Hawaii. Although he is credited with discovering the Hawaiian Islands in 1778, that is only from a European perspective. In reality some very brave and adventurous navigators who possibly originated from Fiji, navigated their way in canoes across the Pacific until they came to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and settled there.

The Polynesians had chanted geneologies going back to creation and stories telling of their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the great flood, Abraham, their ancestor and their migration from the middle east to India to the islands of the South Pacific and from there to the Hawaiian Islands that were so similar to the Garden from which their ancestors had been expelled.

These original Hawaiians worshipped 'Io the 'Most High God' who was a benevolent and loving creator. But they did not remember Him well, nor did they know about His Son Jesus. But they had prophecies that had been passed down by the priests of 'Io that the day would come when the knowledge of the true God would return and that would come via a ship with "white wings." That ship would bring a book that would teach them about their true creator God and would set them free from the "Nats" (demons).

Captain Cook's arrival fulfilled some of their prophecies, but not all of them. They initially considered him a deity. But when he set sail and then returned to repair a broken mast, his return was unwelcome and resulted in fights between the Europeans and the Hawaiians. Captain Cook was killed in one of those fights. There is some controversy as to whether the Hawaiians did indeed deify Captain Cook and then took his life when they realized he was not a god. Nevertheless, the Hawaiians continued to wait for the fulfillment of their prophecies.

What do you know about the true history of Hawaii? Is your knowledge based upon the errant "facts" from Michner's historical novel, Hawaii? Find out more about the true history of the Hawaiian people.

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  1. Hello there- here from A-Z challenge. I don't hardly know anything about Hawaii- so this was interesting. Thanks for posting.

  2. Informative post. I had researched Cook a few years ago. Fascinating story.

  3. Hi, I love that you're doing some of (most of?) your A-Z posts on Hawaii. My hubbie and I went last year to Hawaii and Maui--loved, loved, loved it, and want to return asap. Probably in a couple of years.

  4. We love visiting Hawaii. Nice post about the history of those islands!


  5. Summer, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Luana, yes, I tried to find my picture of the bay where Captain Cook landed but couldn't find it. Tomorrow's post will have a pic though.

    Catherine, many of my posts are going to be about Hawaii and the rest will be related to the story of our son. And yes, we love, love, love Hawaii too - just waiting to see if we will be able to spend a more extended time there.

    Monti, thanks for your comment!

  6. I love love love the fact that y'all have actually been there...sometime I'll go--($$-wise, not a long long long while{for now}!)

    I like historical knowledge like this! I never knew that about Captain Cook. Isn't that the same one who is in some childern's bed-time story book?


  7. Thanks for visiting, Karen. I think you're thinking of Captain Hook - not to be confused with Captain Cook. lol


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