Friday, July 15, 2011

Planning for Generations

My mind took off in overdrive today as I was listening to a mentoring/coaching call. What I was hearing made me sit up and take notice. The basic question in my mind was, "Do I have short term thinking or long term thinking?" I had heard the concept before but never in quite this way. But that's always the case, isn't it? What we hear and how we hear it depends on all of the other circumstances taking place in our lives at any particular time. This time it hit me hard especially as I've been dealing with challenges of teaching and training or at least helping my daughter teach and train her son. I'm beginning to see attitudes and behavior that if not nipped in the bud now, will produce fruit we don't want in the future.

So I admit it, many times I suffer from short term thinking. I concentrate on the simple task of getting through the day with my sanity intact or getting past the next bill that is due. But concentrating on the immediate can and does often sacrifice the future.

No more! I am now determined to make a conscious effort at planning not only for my grandson's future, but the future of his children and his childrens' children. I need a 100 year plan that will positively impact generations beginning with this one.

One way I can do that is to get the story of our lifetime in missions written. My daughter mentioned just the other day that she was going to be extremely disappointed if my husband and I didn't get all of our "stories" down on paper while we still remembered them. So that is a way to get started. Both of us read all kinds of missionary stories when we were young and they all impacted us and gave us direction for our lives. How we would love to have that kind of an impact on many others!

Do you plan for the long haul? If so, do you have any practical ways of implementing long term planning and thinking? If you do, please share. I'd appreciate it and I have a feeling my other readers would, too.


  1. Your daughter was wise to get this desire to capture and record your histories. I wish my folks had been technically capable of doing that!
    Sooo, use every device you can, to get your voices, memories, photos, etc. recorded.

  2. I think that's wonderful! I've tried to keep my stories written, but I'm sure I've missed quite a bit. I've also begged my parents to write down their stories, but neither one of them write much. I may just have to take a tape recorder and interview them, then write the stories myself!

  3. Susan - Yes, her comments have definitely given us added impetus to get everything written down.

    Nisa - We may have to resort to recording some of our stories, too.

    Donna - I see my post got you thinking. That was my intent!


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