Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Giveaway Details

Alert: The contest has been extended until tonight, June 25th at midnight (CDT).

This is John's birthday week - June 24th! He would be 34 this year. So in honor of his birthday we are giving away a signed copy of our book, Aloha is Forever. I'll be doing the drawing on the 25th and will announce it either on the 25th or 26th. Busy weekend so I'm not sure how all of this will fit into my schedule!

Here are ways you can get your name into the hat:

1. Comment on this blog - one chance for each comment between today (June 21st) and Friday (June 24th). You're welcome to comment on as many posts as you like, just don't make them "one word" comments.
2. Comment on our facebook page - one chance for each comment between today and Friday.
3. Become a new follower of this blog - one chance.
4. Become a new follower of our facebook page - one chance.
5. Share our announcement about the contest in your status on Facebook - two chances.
6. Email at least 2 friends to tell them about our giveaway - one chance per friend.
7. Tweet my blog link - one chance.

In addition to one book in the drawing, we are going to give away one book to the person who accumulates the most total points by the end of the day, June 24th (midnight central daylight time). So two books will be given away. And don't forget to email us telling us what you have done.

For the actions you complete please email us at sharonreece.reece@gmail.com just so we can get an accurate account to put your name in the hat the appropriate number of times. That will also give us your email address so we can contact the winner. Don't worry, we won't be putting your email address into any autoresponder list or selling it or anything of the sort. We respect your privacy!

Thanks for participating and good luck!


  1. Yay on the contest! Does tweeting count? I tweeted.

  2. Yes, M Pax, tweeting counts. I just added it to the list. Thanks!


  3. I just Tweeted it, so count me in. Thanks!

  4. I would love to win this book! I tweeted the contest and will post an announcement on my blog. I'm not active on facebook, though.

  5. Hi Sharon, Thank you for visiting by blog site to let me know when your give-away contest opened. The cover of your book intrigued me even before I learned of your heartbreaking story.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    God keeping bless you and your family.


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