Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writing as a Couple

When my husband and I embarked on the task of writing our first book together, it was a challenge, to say the least. But early on in our marriage of almost 40 years, we had learned some things about each others talents, strengths and weaknesses. Whenever either of us wrote something, and we wrote many letters to supporters, prayer/newsletters and other things like that, during those first years of marriage we would very timidly ask the other to read, critique and edit. I say timidly because each of us still had a strong urge to protect ourselves and our delicate egos. Some of those first attempts were a bit rocky and more than once, I had to swallow my pride and say, "Yes, you're right." Hmm...still have to do that once in awhile!

So when we embarked on writing our book together we thought it would be relatively easy considering the extensive history we had in going over each others work. Wrong!

To begin with, I wanted to write an outline. He doesn't believe in outlines. I wanted to write. He wanted to think about what he was going to write. I wanted to do it quickly and get it over with. He seemed to be the "king of procrastination."

So I began putting my thoughts down on computer and the book began to take shape. Fortunately we had written many emails while we were actually experiencing the story we were writing about and we had also taken extensive notes so the basic facts were indisputable. That could have been even more complicated. Just imagine if we had each remembered the facts differently!

As I wrote, he began to join in and finally about 3 years after we started, we had our book in print. And the book flows as though it had been written by one voice - ours. Often its impossible to even know who did the actual writing of particular sections. Even we don't know. And I guess that's a good thing since we wanted it to be OUR story.

Not wanting to sound too boastful, Aloha is Forever, the story of Hope in the Midst of Despair, is a good read. Many have told us they read it in one sitting because they just couldn't put it down. Above all we have gotten feedback that the story exalts our loving heavenly Father and that was what we wanted most!

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