Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Advertising from a Drawing

We recently won free advertising on 10 sites for a year through a drawing at The Authors Page.

Here are the sites where our book is listed:
The Authors Page
Book Promotions
Short Stories, Great Reads
Book Buzz
New Book & Product Releases
Surfin The City Lights
Author Book Marketing
The Everlasting Kingdom
The Pen
River of God Sayings 

Check some of these out for book reviews and other resources for authors. 


  1. Hello Sharon -- I was my Mother’s caretaker and at her side the last days of her life. I am also a songwriter and singer and wrote a song about my experience. I have combined the words and melody with religious art that might speak to you. I have heard from people that it helps them and I would like to share it. I have posted it on YouTube at:

    I thought perhaps you might wish to hear my song. Please pass it on as you wish. Listening to it might help others as creating it helped me.

    Gina Harris

  2. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your song. Lots of thoughtfulness went into that. So many times the thief that sits on our shoulder steals what is rightfully ours. Thanks again.

  3. Dear Sharon --
    I am so happy you heard that line about the thief stealing what is mine! That one took some time in coming -- I felt I had done so much incorrectly, which is true of course, but the real issue is I loved my Mother very much and did what I could to help her. No love is perfect, but constancy and dedication are real and not to be dismissed.

    Thanks so much for your kindness. Best, Gina


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