Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Christmas

Since I grew up in Wisconsin with most Christmases being white, it was a special treat this year to have a white Christmas in Texas. The last time we remember a white Christmas in Texas was in 1995 and although it snowed somewhere around Christmas, it probably wasn't on Christmas Eve like this year.

What marked that snowfall in my memory was the fact that our son John was home on break from his first year of college. How delightful it was to watch my family romping in the snow, building a snowman together! They all took great pleasure in playing in the snow, even my husband who was raised in Texas. I don't think I got out and helped with this particular snowman, unless it was to take pictures.

Seeing this year's Christmas Eve snow through the eyes of my almost four year old grandson, made it extra special. He had been asking me for months when it was going to snow. Hmmm...even Grandma didn't have an answer for that question. His excitement was only surpassed by the anticipation of opening all the gifts that were spread out under the tree.

The weather forecast calls for more snow this week and I foresee that this might be a snowman building snow!

Did it snow at your house this Christmas? Or do you have a special memory of a White Christmas?


  1. I don't think it's ever snowed in Fort Myers, Fl but I haven't missed it. I love seeing the kids out on Christmas day riding their new bikes, flying kites, etc.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jane. I think I agree...having grown up in Wisconsin with mostly white Christmases and then having lived in the Amazon region of Brazil almost all my adult life, I go for the riding bikes, kayaking, boating and swimming on Christmas Day rather than snow.


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