Friday, February 13, 2009

Blessing Generations

We're doing a Blessing Generations seminar this weekend and that got my wheels turning for a post about blessing.

The Bible talks about blessing from cover to cover. Most of us would be hard pressed to define it; I know I was. That is, until I heard this definition: blessing = empower to prosper.

"Empower to prosper" really gets you thinking. What are some practical ways to do this? Who are the people in our lives we would like to empower to prosper?

I have some ideas, but I'd like to hear yours first. My next blog post will be about blessing and I'll share my ideas then.

Who have you blessed (empowered to prosper) today?


  1. We are empowered to bless when we have friends come along side of us and point us to the Lord's presence with us in a time of trouble. We see Him and then in turn empower others to see the Lord's presence in their trials.


  2. Great comment, Beckie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Great post and question. Who have I blessed to prosper? Well, I've been posting the miraculous spiritual journey my brother is undergoing during his prison stint. You can read about it on Free Spirit and help me empower him if you wish.

  4. I'm empowering to prosper every blogger I leave a comment for today.

    Also, I took Rascal on a nice walk in the sunshine, which made her happy. We met another woman with her dog and bonded with them, so the circle widened.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. I have a wayward stepson I'd like to empower to prosper, but how to do it is a challenge. He doesn't take kindly to advice. I've prayed over it a lot, but I guess how it will wind up is one of those great mysteries of life.

  6. I think of all blessings coming from God, and when we pass these on to others, we are empowering them to prosper. The fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control)will bless those who encounter these gifts in you.

  7. "Empower to prosper" reminds of that saying about teaching a man to fish vs. giving him a fish. I like it.

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